About Lessons in Leadership

A quick overview of my book 

"Lessons in Leadership 

 Making The Move From Manager To Leader"

What Everyone Needs: The Leadership Perspective

Leaders understand that everyone is searching for acceptance. We all want to love and to be loved, to care and to be cared for. And everyone wants to be respected. These are fundamental human desires. In this video, I share a real life illustration followed by specific examples of how leaders can show team members that they are truly needed, valued and respected.

You'll Have To Fire Them All

"You'll have to fire them all" .... at least that's what my supervisor told me when he gave me a new assignment. But I discovered I didn't really have to fire the entire team. In fact, in this real life illustration you'll learn how I took a "dysfunctional team" and developed them into an "awesome team" in just 60 days! 

Leadership Integrity - A True Story

Credibility, trust and integrity are traits that team members expect to see in a leader. But as leaders, there are times when our beliefs and behavior are put to the test. Despite pressure to do what is convenient or easy, leaders do what's right when it's time to act. This is my story of how I was once put to the test by my supervisor.

The Leaders Notebook - Developing Team Members

From the course "Building Your Awesome Team - Getting Started", learn from experienced leaders about what it takes to develop an awesome team.

The Leaders Notebook - Selecting The Right Person

From the course "Building Your Awesome Team: Getting Started", seasoned leaders share their thoughts on how to select the right person to join your team. Learn from the best!