Professional Development Workshops

Lessons In Leadership

This live workshop is the perfect fit for aspiring Leaders who have been thrust into a leadership position with little or no training. Your learning adventure includes:

  • Learn to look, think and act like a leader - immeadtely
  • Understanding the power of perception
  • Create, develop and lead a high performing team
  • Deliver crystal clear communications
  • Demonstrate confidence, courage and integrity
  • Build credibility and trust
  • Leading through difficult times
  • Best practices of problem-solving
  • Define your leadership legacy


This action-packed live workshop will move your training skills to new heights! During this hands-on workshop, you'll practice new skills in a supportive environment. 

Your learning adventure includes:

  • Principles of adult learning
  • Assessing training needs
  • Creating training plans
  • Selling the need for training to stakeholders and decision makers
  • Deliver less lecture using L.A.D.A. model and principles
  • Best practices of facilitating activities
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult participants
  • Creating and facilitating memorable course reviews

Facilitation Skills

This is NOT the standard presentation skills class! This live workshop prepares you to be a better classroom leader, speaker, facilitator and coach. Your Learning adventure includes:

  • Create your stage presence
  • Conquer your public speaking anxieties
  • Create a topical theme
  • Facilitation best practices
  • Build a rapport with your audience
  • Effective storytelling tecniques
  • Create openers and closers no one will ever forget

Workshops Are Delivered Using The L.A.D.A. Model

Your Learning Adventure Begins Here!

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