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Reduce Team Member Turnover By 50%!

Tired of being caught in the revolving door of new-hire turnover? Learn the best practices of interviewing, selection and onboarding used by successful Team Leaders that reduce new-hire turnover by 50%. You'll not only reduce turnover, but you'll improve team morale and stabilize your core team at the same time. 

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Building Your Awesome Team

Designed for Team Leaders who are searching for battle-tested best practices that build the foundation of an awesome team. Reduce turnover, increase retention and improve team morale while developing enhanced coaching, communication and training skills.

Experience a real transformation of your team!   Deliverable in classroom workshops, live webinars & online self-paced learning.

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Leadership Development, Train-the-Trainer, and Facilitation Skills Workshops

Live classroom workshops conducted at your business site and delivered by a certified Master Trainer. Become the leader, trainer and classroom facilitator you always wanted to be! See what students have to say about these dynamic workshops.

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National Food Safety Leadership Certification

Live classroom certification courses including ServSafe, NRFSP and NEHA. An online examination prep course is also available.

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Resources For Leaders

Be The Leader You Know You Can Be!


"Lessons in Leadership - Making The Move From Manager To Leader" is your quick-start handbook that gets to the heart of what it takes to be a great leader. Specifically written for those who are faced with the challenge of doing more with less, Lessons In Leadership contains real-life illustrations and development activities that will have you thinking and behaving like the Leader you want to be from the first lesson!

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Training 101: It's All About The Learner!


"Great Trainers Make It Happen" provides easy-to-execute fundamentals that will make you look like a seasoned training pro! By using the methods from this book you will create a  learning experience your students will not soon forget!. 

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The Leaders Toolbox


I design and deliver food safety certification and team leader workshops that lead students on a learning excursion. 

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